Rational CM62 Gas Combination Ovens Gas

Rational CM62 Gas Combination Ovens Gas

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The highly stylish Rational Combimaster Oven 62 Gas combines adjustable heat and unpressurised fresh steam to provide a versatile cooking option. An intelligent microprocessor controls the cooking process, while the temperature limiter ensures optimal safety. An internal splashguard then prevents potentially dangerous water spillages. Additionally, it has 3/4" water connection, 1/2" pressure hose and 1.5 - 6.0 bar flow pressure ; Exhaust Gas Control B13, B23.

Product features

  • 3 modes: Steam (30-130°C), Hot Air (30-300°C), Steam & Hot Air (30-300°C)
  • ClimaPlus': humidity measurement, 5-stage setting and regulation
  • Manual Finishing. CE Marked Flash
  • Control lever for cooking modes, temperature, core temperature and time setting
  • Manual cleaning program & menu-guided desclaling program. Includes integral hand shower.
  • Service Diagnostic System (SDS) with automatic service notices display
  • Core temperature probe with 1-point measurement
  • 50 programs with up to 6 steps can be selected as required
  • 5 air speeds, programmable & 'cool-down' for fast and reliable cooling of the cooking cabinet
  • Digital temperature display set in hours/minutes
  • Digital Timer (0-24hours) with permanent setting. 3/4" Gas Connection
  • Can be hardwired or a plug (not supplied) can be installed depending on electrical requirements
  • Capacity 6 x 1/1 GN (or 12 x 1/2 GN)
  • Dimensions 782(H)x 1069(W)x 971(D)mm
  • Output 60-160 meals per day
  • Power Type 28,000W. 121.8A. BTU/Hr 95592. BTU/Hr 95592
  • Temperature Range 30°C to 300°C
  • Voltage 230V
  • Warranty 2 years on-site parts & labour
  • Weight 158.5kg
  • Gas 

To help ensure outstanding lifetime performance and validity of the 2 year warranty for your new Rational, we recommend a site survey and consultation prior to accepting an order. Please call for further information.


Height: 757mm

Width: 1069mm

Depth 971mm


2 years parts & labour

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