How long is delivery?

Most deliveries are made within 1-5 working days. Timed deliveries or next day can be arranged at additional cost. Please contact us on 01452 501963 or email info@mjsequipment.com for further details. Delivery dates given are estimates and are not guaranteed. For off shore and remote areas including Northern Ireland, Highlands, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Channel Islands, Alderney and Scottish Islands a supplementary delivery cost may apply.


How are deliveries handled?

You will need to be sure that you have sufficient and proper equipment for larger and heavier items and that your own personnel are available to unload goods delivered. The delivery companies’ drivers are not required to provide assistance in unloading and or siting your order. In all cases, drivers will unload the vehicle to your premise(s) kerbside/loading bay area.


How can I pay for my goods?

The most common way to pay is using a credit or debit card. You can order either from this site or over the phone. It's fast and your transaction is fully protected. Alternatively you can pay by sending a cheque, purchase order, or make payment via Bank Transfer.


Is finance available to help spread the cost of new equipment?

If you are looking for an alternative way to pay, MJS can offer leasing as an effective and tax efficient way to pay. For more information on this, check our lease purchase section (in about us) or contact us on 01452 501963 or email info@mjsequipment.co.uk


What if I can't find what I need in your range?

If you have a particular requirement which is not on our site please contact us on 01452 501963 or email info@mjsequipment.co.uk and we'll try our very best to help you find what you are looking for.


What if my order is out of stock?

We will always advise you if there is a problem with an item, giving you the option to cancel, choose an alternative product, or wait until the order can be fulfilled.


What do I do if my goods arrive damaged?

Please call MJS on 01452 501963 the same day you receive your order, to report any damage to your goods. It is important that all damages are notified within 24 hours of delivery to avoid incurring additional costs. For full information on what to do in the case of damaged goods please read our terms and conditions.


What happens if I need a service call?

Please contact MJS on 01452 501963 or email info@mjsequipment.co.uk to place a warranty call. We will need full information including the location of the item and its serial number to validate the warranty.


How do I get my equipment installed?

Whilst many items at MJS can be simply connected without the need for expert installation, we do have gas and some larger electrical items that will require the skills of trained installers. If required, we can arrange installation of your commercial catering equipment for you. Our installation team will guide you through the delivery and installation process to include costs and to answer any queries you may have. Please contact MJS on 01452 501963 for a quotation.


Why was my card declined?

Unfortunately when the payment processing company declines a transaction on behalf of your bank or card issuer, it does not tell us why.

You will need to contact your bank or card issuer to find out the specific reason your card was declined, since they are the one declining the transaction, and not us.

Your card may have been declined by your bank or card issuer for a variety of reasons; common reasons include:

  • There are not enough funds available to process the transaction.
  • If you recently deposited funds to your debit or prepaid card, sometimes those funds are not available right away.  Likewise, if you recently made a payment to your credit card, your payment may not have been applied to your account yet.  Also, if another merchant has placed a "hold" on your account, this may unexpectedly reduce your available balance.  Contact your bank or card issuer, or log into your account on their website to check your balance.
  • Your card issuer or bank may require that you use "Verified by Visa" or "MasterCard Secure Code" to complete online sales.
  • Prepaid cards and gift cards (i.e. any cards that are temporary and without your personal information) may or may not be accepted.
  • Some prepaid card and gift card issuers allow you to register your card, typically through their website. In some cases, registering your card and entering your name and mailing address will enable the card to work. Information on how to register the card is usually listed on the back of the card or the packaging the card came in.
  • Some electronic cards may work, but others may not.This will depend on the issuer of the card and whether our payment processing company supports that card type. Unfortunately not all electronic cards are supported.
  • Your bank has aggressive fraud detection measures and is blocking the transaction. Some banks and card issuers will block any transaction they feel is not normal for your spending habits.  This is usually based on what you have purchased in the past and what they expect you to purchase in the future.  You would need to contact your bank or card issuer and explain that you are trying to make a purchase and request they remove the block.
  • Your card issuer or bank has disallowed internet transactions- Contact your bank or card issuer to make sure you can use your card for internet purchases.  Sometimes all you need to do is request that it be enabled.  Other banks issue more than one card with different features and may ask you to upgrade to a different card type.
  • Your bank or the payment processing company's network may be experiencing technical difficulties or be down for maintenance.This does not happen very often, but it does happen from time to time, often when there are large numbers of transactions flowing through the system, such as during the holidays.  If the payment processing company cannot reach your bank to approve the transaction, they will typically decline the transaction in the bank's place.  In this case, the only thing to do is try again later when the system is back up.

These are only possible reasons why your card was declined.  Since the bank or card issuer did not tell us why, you will need to contact them for the reason your transaction failed.

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